The Importance of Shira

Moshe Rabbeinu's Responsibility in Chet HaMeraglim & Mei Meriva

Shlomo Hamelech & the Sod of Parah Adumah

Shlomo Hamelech & the Sod of Parah AdumahRabbi Feiner
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Zos Chukas HaTorah: The Essence of Our Lives

Zos Chukas HaTorah: The Essence of Our LivesRabbi Neuburger
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The "Depths" & Evils of Machlokes

The True "Beauty" of Parshas Korach

What's the message of Challa & Nesachim immediately
following the meraglim?

Shelach: The Koach Unique to Kalev

Parshas Shelach: What Went Wrong with this "Shi'luach?"

A Glimpse into the Greatness of Miriam HaNeviah

B'haaloscha Es Haneiros: A Timeless Message for Galus

B'haaloscha Es Haneiros: A Timeless Message for GalusRabbi Neuburger
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B'Haaloscha: Aharon HaKohen Bringing Shalom into "Hashem's Bayis"

Ten Spices & Ten Tzaddikim- What About Number Eleven??

Sheivet Levi: A Unique Tribe with It's Own Unique Count

The Inner Meaning of Birchas Kohanim & its Relevance to our Daily Lives

Har Sinai: Our Stepping Stone to Eretz Yisroel

The Journey From Pesach to Shavuos-- from "Skipping" to "Walking"

Shavuos: Amailus B'Torah Forges Our Relationship with HKBH

The Depth & Dual Nature of Sefiras HaOmer

A Closer Look at the Rashbi/ R' Yishmael Famous Dispute

Gilgulei Rebbe Akiva & his Role in the Ten Martyrs

The Rashbi’s Essence: Earning Life’s Greatest Gifts Through Suffering

Simchas Lag B'Omer Amidst the Tragedy in Meron

A Special "Pair of Shoes" & Kedushas HaTorah

"Dibbur", "Amira" & the Yomim Tovim

Sefiras Haomer: A Uniquely Personal Experience

Balancing "V'ahavta L'Rayacha Komocha" and "Chayecha Kodmin"

Kedoshim: Extending Bain Adam L'Chavairo to Bain Adam L'Makom...

70 Mitzvos, Yaakov the "Av of Sevens," & the Quest for Kedusha

A Special Gift of Love on Our Way to Sinai

Every Word of Torah: More Precious than Pearls...

 The Interplay of Bris Milah & Bris HaTorah

The true celebration of the shalom zachor

The "Eighth Day" Tikun of Cheit Nadav V'Avihu

Tazria- Metzorah: Where the Physical & Spiritual Intersect
(with Rabbi Neuburger)

From Pesach to Parshas Shemini: the Food Focus Continues...

The True Chait of Nadav & Avihu (with Rabbi Neuburger)

Keep the Pesach Inspiration Going Strong!
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Yosef and Yam Suf: Running Away to “the Other Side”

The Exodus from Egypt: The Story is Not Yet Over...

Yetzias Mitzrayim & the Koach HaPeh

Avraham & Moshe: Transforming the Idolatrous Passion

Grateful for the “Sinai Experience” — Even Without the Torah??

Yitzchak, the Middle Matzah, & a Visit from Eliyahi Hanavi

The Big Lesson Learned from the Small "Aleph"

"Zerizin Makdimin..." - The Pivotal Role it Plays in ALL Our Mitzvos

From Mishkan to Mikdash: The Dynamic Duo of Yehuda & Dan

Vayakel: The "Kahal" as a Tikkun for Cheit HaEigel

Cheit HaEigel & the "Tikkun" of Our Purim Laughter...

Our Avos & the Three "Signs" that Define Us

From Halves to a Whole - the “Shekel of the Future”

Smashing the Luchos Yet Lifting Up Our Heads- Never Despair...

Yom KiPURIM: The "Two-Sided Yom Tov" that Will be Around Forever...

Purim: A Time to Toil in Torah She'bi'al Peh

The Megilla’s End and the True “Gadlus” of Mordechai

Haman, Ha'Man, & "Ha'Min haEitz": The Common Thread...

The "Wooden Essence" of the Aron HaEidus

Milchemes Amalek: Time to Pull Yehoshua Out of the Bais Medrash

 “Pole-Position” Pondering and the Aron Ha’Eidus

The Mitzvah of Aliyah L’Regel: May I Go in a Lexus??

Moshe/Esther/Mordechai/Haman: The Thread that Connects Them All...

24/7 Na'aseh Vi'nishma: Why Not in Last Weeks Parsha?

Yehoshua Shows Us the Importance of Shimush Talmidei Chachamim

Marriage, Mizbei'ach, & the Essence of Matan Torah

The Memorable "Neshikos" of Shema Yisroel at Matan Torah

From Mitzrayim to Har Sinai: Our Evolving Relationship with HKB"H

The Two-Tiered War of Amalek

Milchemes Amalek: Sending the "Mighty & Righteous" Out to War

​Truly Living with Emunah Thriugh the Koach of a Niggun

Milah & Pesach: The Two Mitzvos that Powered the Yetziah

from Mitzrayim

 The Two main Objectives of the Makkos in Mitzrayim

"Moshe & Aharon" Equal as One

Makkas Tzifardeia: Fascinating Facts & Facets about the Frogs

Highlighting the Unique Qualities of Eretz Yisroel - PART ONE

(see part two below)

Highlighting the Unique Qualities of Eretz Yisroel - PART TWO

Uncovering the hidden message of the "Three Signs" - PART ONE

(see part two below)

Uncovering the hidden message of the "Three Signs" - PART TWO

Striking the Mitzri: A Scrutiny of Moshe's Bold Action - PART ONE

(see part two below)

Striking the Mitzri: A Scrutiny of Moshe's Bold Action - PART TWO

Naming of the book of "Names"

Spiritual Genetics & Yaakov's "Bracha" to Shimon & Levi

Yaakov's Yearning to Reveal the "Keitz": A Truly Amazing Kabbalistic Gem

Serach Bas Asher: The 2,000 Year Old Woman- and so Much More...

Ya’akov & Yosefs attitudes towards burial in Egypt

Yehuda as King: Paving the Way for Torah in Egypt

Jealousy & Gematrios Gems in the Name "Yosef"

Yehuda & Dan: Planting the Seeds of Mashiach

Yehuda & Chushim/Dan: Encountering the Koach of the Two Lions

Yosef, Chanukah & our Repeated Focus on the "Banim"

Yosef HaTzaddik: The “Guardian of Continuity”

Yaakov Avinu's Learning, "Light" & Love of Yosef

Perplexed by Yosef's Readiness to Put Himself in Danger

Multiple Musings on "Malachim Mamash"

Dina's "Going Out to Look": What Did She Do Wrong?

Yaakov's Fear & Anguish: What is it Really All About?

So Where Does the Number 613 Come From?

Why Didn't Rachel I'Meinu Destroy the Terafim?

From Leah to Dovid Hamelech: Endless Thanks for Everyday Miracles

A Tzadik's Lasting Impact on His Surroundings

Kibbud Av V’Eim and the Unforgettable Fragrance of Gan Eden

Toldos: The Ahava/Yir'ah Relationship Inspired by our Avos- Part 2

Toldos: The Ahava/Yir'ah Relationship Inspired by our Avos- Part 1

Vaigdlu Hanearim: Defining True Gadlus

The Dual Roles of Avraham Avinu

Gems on the Life & Death of Sarah & the Lessons for Us

B'nai Hapilagshim: Avraham Avinu's "Other" Children

Appreciating the Greatness of Sarah through the Qualities of Rivkah

Gems From Gedolai Yisroel Regarding Yishmael

Becoming Talmidim of Avraham Avinu, the Paradigm of Chesed

The Tefillos of our Father Avraham for All Generations

 Avraham Avinu: The First True Eved Hashem

The Glaring Omission of 'Kivshan Ha'Aish in the Torah

Lech Lecha - Why Did Shem Lose the Kehuna Gedola?

Lech Lecha Traveling on the Derech: Good or Bad for Avraham Avinu?

Parshas Noach: Avraham's Special Connection to Mitzvas Kibbud Av

Noach & the Birds: Rising Above the Olam Hagashmi

Noach & the Koach of the 36 Special Tzadikim

Beraishis: Powerful Prayer for the Potent Rains

Beraishis: We Must Never Stop Working on Ourselves

The "Beauty" of Sarah Imainu: The Fusion of the Physical & the Spiritual

Chag HaSukkos: Commemorating the Dual Nature of our Special Sukkah

The Simcha of "Chag" HaSuccos & the Lesson Learned from Lavan


Rectifying our Midos on the Road to Repentance


Dealing with the Yetzer Hara Before Yom Kippur


Tzom Gedalia: Locking in the Sparks of Rosh Hashaha


"Shofar Gadol": Appreciating the "Great" Shofar--
then Giving it Over to HaKB"H

Sweetening Din with Rachamim & the Hidden Message of Salt

Rosh Hashana: Achieving Achdus With the Support of the Son's of Korach

Rosh Hashanah: Getting Ready to be Born Anew

"Pearls" of Wisdom in Educating our Children

Nitzavim Vayelech: Are You a "Nitzavim" Jew or a "Vayelech" Jew?

The Power of the Mezuza: Appreciating it's Two-Tiered Protective Shield

Atem Nitzavim: Searching for the Emes in so Many Places

Ki Savo: The Importance of Simcha in the Life of a Yid

 "Ani L'Dodi V'Dodi Li": Why Quote Shir Hashirim in Chodesh Elul?

Shema Yisroel: From the Beginning to the Very End of Our Lives

Heading into Menachem 'Av' (not 'Eim') Turning to the Father's "Comfort"

Why Does Serach bas Asher Merit to "Live Forever"?

The Three Weeks: Putting our Painful History Into its Proper Perspective

Ma"aseh Pinchas: The Ultimate Act of "Tzedaka"

"The Sons of Korach Never Died": So What are they Doing Now?

Parashas Balak Carried by Yaakov's Gift Through the Dark Times...

Yearning for Y'Mos Hamashiach,
a Time when We'll Truly Know our Creator

Parah Adumah The Crucial Lesson for ALL the Mitzvos Hatorah

Parah Adumah: The Bad ( & the Good...?) of the Death of Tzadikim

"Dasan & Adas Aviram"... Where is the Missing "Korach?

Korach: The Five Parshios Named for Specific Individuals - Part I

Korach: The Five Parshios Named for Specific Individuals - Part II

Parshas Korach: Juggling Genealogies

Making Sense of the Enigmatic First Rashi in Parshas Korach

Tzitzis & Yerushalayim: The Joint Actions of Avraham & Sheim

Sheim & Avraham: Tied Together in the Tallis Shel Tzitzis

The Journey to "Az Yashir Moshe": Was it Seven or Eight Days?

Yehoshua & Calev: Enhanced by a Few Special "Others" 

Why Didn't Moshe Daven for his Brother in Law Calev?

From Moshe to Dovid:

Becoming One with the Koach HaTefilla

A Focus on Fire & The Pursuit of Peace:

From Aharon to R' Yochanan Ben Zakai

Miriam's Mission: Marriage, Moshe, & Her Connection to Mayim

The Great Gift to Aharon: "It All Begins With You!"

Nazir & Sotah: Which One Ought to Come First?

Post Shavuos: Well Equipped to Head Into the Summer Months

Parshas Naso: Highlighting the Uniqueness of Every Jew

"She'lo Asani Goy": Appreciating Who We Are...

Post Shavuos Chizuk: Linking Our Nights & Days with Limud HaTorah

Post Shavuos Ponderings: Where is "Torah" in our Daily Shmone Esrai?

Shavuos: Our Dance-Less Chasuna with HKBH

With the Rashbi 'Lighting' the Way, Never Stop Shteiging!

Preparing for Shavuos: Ready to Fulfill Our Unique Mission in Life

The Life of Rav Shimon Bar Yochai:
Teaching us to Delve Beneath the Surface

The Smoke, Fire & Sounds of... 'Silence'-- of Matan Torah

Parshas Bamidbar: Probing the Persona of Pinchas

Learning All Night Leil Shavous: A Potpourri of Gems...

Crucial Life Lessons from the "Two" Rebbe Akivas

The Journey Back into Shul: Expressing Hakaras Hatov
for all Hashem's Gifts

Chodesh Iyar & Encompassing All Aspects of Shlaimus

The Mishebairach Tefilla: Why do we Invoke the Mothers Name?

Parsha Behar Bechukosai: Right on the Heels of the Rashbi's Yartzeit

The Greatest 'Streak' of All: Being a True Eved Hashem...

Getting Back on Top by Listening to Our Chachamim

From Pogroms to Pandemics & Crusades to Coronas
We Never, Ever Stop Believing!

Delving Beneath the Surface: Let's Learn From Rebbi Akivah

When We can't be With Our Rebbeim... the Benefits of Video Shiurim

Feeling Alone These Days?? There's Always a Friend Around

Connecting to Everyone in the Midst of Corona

The Corona Wake Me Up: What Really Matters in Life

Acharei Mos: The Special Segula of Connecting to Nadav & Avihu

Corona and the final battle against Gog U'magog

Corona Upheaval: The Importance of Keeping Seder in Your Life

Without a Healthy Body, You Can't Have a Healthy Soul

Parshas Tazria: Through CORONA & All, Shteig, Shteig, SHTEIG!!!

Parshas Tazria: The Preconditions We Accepted to Enter the World

Does Hashem Really Expect Us to Accept all this Suffering b"Simcha??

Sefira: Lets Bring all the Days-and People - Together as One!

You Believe in Hashem? Tell Him...All the Time!

All That We Do... for the Glory of G-d!

Living Every Moment with Sh'ma on our Lips

Yetzias Mitzrayim Tapping Into the 3 Traits that Define Every Jew

Pesach Amidst Corona: Our History Shows We CAN Prevail!

"Dayeinu": From the Magical Mann to the Sin that Brought the Serpents

The Paschal Lamb:..Tied To My... BED??!

Right Before Moshiach... A Makkah of Dever??!!

Korban Todah, Thanking Hashem: Then, Now, & Forever

Parashat Tzav: Keep Adding Fuel to Your Inner Fire!

Don't Worry...Hashem is Always With You!

Crowning our Creator A Little Needed Mussar for Us All

Chodesh Nisan: Reflections on the Month of Many Miracles

Feeling Couped Up These Days? Here's the Antidote...

Shuls & Yeshiva's Closed:
How Can We Still Bring the Shechina Down??

Hashem LOVES your Mesiras Nefesh-
ESPECIALLY During Days of Difficulty

Seize the Moment: Let's End This Already!

Vayakhel-Pekudei: Hashem's Plan Not Ours

Vayakhel-Pekudei: Corona & Tasting Shabbos Every Day

Vayakhel- Pekudei: Emunas Chachamim & the Corona Virus